Monster hunters


As our party of heroes continues toward the abandoned sight of Haven keep, Doug realizes they are not alone. As he begins to circle around the party, looking for what his instincts tells him is there, a small lone figure riding a large wolf can be seen behind them. As it approaches, it is apparent that the rider means our party no harm, as it doesn’t take long for the eagle eyed scout to recognize the escaped Goblin they encountered earlier, as well as they one they had killed laying across the saddle. The party stops and waits as the goblin rider approaches.

The goblin rider introduces himself in strangely perfect common as Kabab Foulskull, personal friend to the now diseased prince of the Haven Keep Gobin tribe. He goes onto tell you that the seemingly harmless Mushroom people, known as Myconid, that our heroes had just defended, are actually a surge on the land, one that his tribe has fought to keep in check for generations. Furthermore goes on to tell the party that they are now infected with spores, the means in which the Myconid reproduce, choking the life out of and replacing with a fungal copy.

After a lengthy discussion about how the Myconid sococal structure works, where they would be able to find the colony that had infected our heroes, and the best ways to kill the Myconid, Kabab continued onto Haven Keep, in hopes of being able to raise his dead prince. Thus leaving our heroes with the choice of ignoring him, and possibly having their spore infection turn them into a mushroom hybrids, never remembering who they are, or to hunt down the maytrin of the colony, kill it and thus release our heros from there fungusy fate.

After a short debate our heroes deside they don`t want to be fungus people and set out to find the materin and destroy it. Following directions given by Kabab, and with Doug tracking the path Kabab and the prince left when dragging the Mycondid out of the underdark, the party makes good time finding the colony. Seemingly in the right place, as they discover worked stone at first covered in, them seemingly infected by fungal spores, the party of heroes begin searching the area for any sign of the Mycondid maytrin. Deftly navigating pasts traps and pitfalls our heroes make there way deeper into the Mycondid layer, twisting and truning around countless corrodors to come to a room with a small lone humanoid standing in a corner with it back to the party. Seeing that the creature had been infected with spores so much so that even the clothing and equipment he wore showed signs of infection they cautausesly prepaired to defend themselves.

The heroes quickly realised that they could comunicate with the creature telipathicaly, reinforceing the idea that they were in the right place. Although the creature was no longer sentiant in any way recongniseable to our heroes, they were able to comunicate that they were looking for the Maytrin, and the creature quickly walked out of the room. Following, our heroes watched as the creater walked a short distance to another room that was inindated with funal spores, with large mushroom growing all around the room and a huge mass of fungus against one corner. As the heroes watched, the fungal creature walked, with out hesitation, right into the mass of fungus in the corner of the room and was seamlessly engulfed by it.

Our heroes set themselves for combat with what they assume is the Maytrin holding their fungal curse and lashed out looking to end the confrontation quickly and diffinitivly. The party fell into thier rolls instritivly, Doug raining arrows onto the mass, and narrowly avioiding disaster as the large mushrooms began to explod. (Lemmy) was not so lucky taking the brunt of the explosions but continueing to support his team mates while demoralizing their attackers. (Candar) waided fearlesslely threw the caous right up to the giant mass, keeping it attention as it reigined blow after blow down on him. All the while (MaX) repeatededly landed prercise and deveistating hits against it quickly bringing it down.

After the combat had ended the party sifts threw the muck to find an infected great sword that had taken on some of the benificial proberties of the fungal infection. Although the blade edge had become blunted it had become signifigantly lighter and able to be weilded one handed. (Candar) claimed the weapon and after a short rest where the paladin was able to cure the part of their ailment they again moved threw the labrinth.

After a search of the surrounding area our heroes find that there is very little that hasnt sucummed to the fungal infection, with the notable exception of what seems to be a chest or locker. Although covered with spore growth the chest seemed to resist the infection enough to have protected its contents. Most noteably a flying broom, amungst several potions (forget what was given)

Satisfyed that the area is clear of any Mycondid presents, our heroes make their way back to the seurfus.

Just another day

The night strangely uneventful, our hero’s set out once again, toward Haven’s Keep.

Moving swiftly and easily threw his home terrain, Doug finds himself separated from his companions while scouting ahead. Undaunted, and sure of his ability’s he slows his pace, but presses on. The day continues on without incident, until Doug makes out the shrilling of a large number of birds in the distance. Moving silently toward the sounds, Doug sees dozens, if not hundreds of birds, on the ground and in the air, devouring an unrecognizable carcass

Although the number of birds is somewhat odd, their behavior is not, so, Doug backs away slowly thinking to leave without disturbing the feeding animals. As he does so, a misplaced step, causing the slightest of sounds, causes a handful of birds as one to turn his way. Thinking to speed to be the better course, now that he has been seen, Doug breaks out into a full run. As the handful of birds break off from their feeding, Doug quickly realizes that the birds will out pace him, and without the aid of his friend he would have to fend off his attackers alone.

With that, Doug fires a single arrow into the black cloud following him, then drops low and draws his sword. As his attackers wash over him pecking and scratching, Doug lashed out, swing after swing, trying to hit something of substance, but it seamed the cloud of birds was more air, than substance and his attacks were doing little to cause harm to the swarm, But the swarm too was having trouble finding flesh threw Dougs deference, and with all the beaks and all the claws, Doug took few injuries.

So back and forth they went, Doug swinging with wild abandon, more than with any type of skill, and the birds furiously diving and attacking Doug, the cloud slowly thinned. With Doug’s final flailing swing the last of his attackers fall dead to the ground. Quietly berating himself for separating himself so far from his ally, Doug notices on the dead crows, what seems to be some sort of mold, or fungus growing around the eye’s, and ears of the animal. With this Doug starts to back track to find his friends.

As the party rolls along a path in the general direction of Haven Keep, they come to realize that they had not seen their scout for quite some time. Amusing the ranger knows his trade well and that he would return to them should he encounter any danger, the party continued south ward without much concern. As such, each was somewhat surprised when their ally suddenly burst from the shrubbery in front of them covered in blood and dozens of tiny cuts and scrapes. Readying for combat, first because of the surprise, then because of their ally’s wounds, the party quickly stealth their weapons and tend to their allys wounds as Doug lays out the story of his encounter with the crows, pointedly leaving out the details of how he foolishly wandered to far ahead, and how his combat resembled more flailing wildly then any kind of martial porawis.

Collectively deciding that, although the birds actions, and the fungal growth on them, were strange occurrences, they were not important to the task at hand, and they adjusted their rout to take them around where the birds had been sighted.

So with Doug taking the opportunity to rest in the back of the wagon, after finding some herbs to settle his nerves, the party again heads out along their altered path toward Havens Keep. Hours pass by uneventful until a chance hearing of what seem to be the Goblin tongue is heard in the distance. Leaving the cart and donkey the party moves off silently to investigate. Although the ranger voiced concerns about Candar’s ability to move quietly in his heavy armor, he ultimately had to con-seed the point when he lost track of the heavly armored Paladin, who move so quietly and stealthily threw the underbrush toward the sound goblin speak.

The party follow the sounds some distance, to a cave in an out cropping of rocks, and stop on the out skirts of a semi clearing in front of it. Waiting, as the sounds grew closer our group of hero’s were some what surprised when two wolves, clad in fine iron barding came laboring out of the cave. Each one tied to a line, dragging a large sack, that writhed and wriggled as it was pulled out of the cave, followed by two Goblins in fine plate male armor.

As one of the Goblins draws his great sword and drives it down upon the sack, that the wolves were dragging, so too Candar throws a readied javelin, taking the Goblin hard in the side. With suppressing speed the two Goblins race toward the wolves cutting them free of the sack, leaping on their backs, and charging toward our hero’s. Intercepting one rider, Maxwell burst from his hiding place landing a series of deviating blows against one of the wolves, then fell back into a defensive posture as he was quickly hard press by the charge of the second Goblin rider.

Meandering from the far side of the clearing Lemmy makes some off handed disparaging remarks about the sexual orientation of one of the Goblin riders mother, and to everyone’s dismay, the Goblin seemly takes them to heart, as his shoulders slump forward and this attacks seem to lack focus. With the attackers occupied by the more martial oriented in the group, Lemmy takes the opportunity to cut open the sack the wolves were dragging, setting free what looked to be a humanoid mushroom. Covering its eyes, disoriented the mushroom creacher stumbled toward the heart of the combat. Coming to its senses and realizing the danger it was it, it defensively released a cloud of spore’s and ran toward the safety of the cave.

Toppling one rider to the ground, killing his mount, the party focuses all its attention on the downed rider. Under a flurry of fists, sword slashes and arrows, the fallen rider doesn’t even get the chance to mount a defense. With the brief reprieve the still mounted Goblin takes the opportunity to drink a potion, healing some of its wounds, and maneuvers its self to defend his companion. As it comes closer the mounted rider sees his comrade has fallen, yelling a curse about the plague our hero’s have just helped release upon the world, breaks combat and charged toward the safety of the forest, at top speed.

The immediate threats neutralized, our party of hero’s move toward the curiosity that is the mushroom creature. Cowering just inside the entrance to the cave, our party finds that it is able to communicate mentally with the creature, and with each other. After a brief conversation with the timid creature, our hero’s find out that the Goblins have been methoticly hunting down his kind, exterminating them.

After their conversation, the party collects their cart, and donkey, and continues toward Haven Keep.

No time to Dally

Finding small bits and pieces of valuables scattered threw out the glade, we find our hero’s distracted by the prospect of riches. As such, were caught by surprise by a retaliating group of sprites.

Regrouping quickly our band of heroes easily gained the upper hand driving off the attackers. Drawn to the sound of the combat, a traveling minstrel joined the fray to lend a hand, although his help was ultimately not needed, our heroes welcomed him to travel with them.

With no immediate dangers apparent, the band went about binding their wounds and recovering lost weapons, and ammunition. Once again distracted, our heroes are again attacked by the persistent sprites.

This time time the combat does not go well for our friends. Max and Lemmy find themselves alone in the glade facing there unseen attackers, when suddenly, sprouting violently from the ground, what can only be described as a humanoid tree, begins ruthlessly attacking. Lemmy, knowing this knew attacker to be nothing more than a trick of the mind, continues to dispatch the sprites from the trees, but falls prey to their magic’s and is transformed into a rabbit. Max fights bravely against the animated creature, but ultimately falls unconscious when he believes he has taken a mortal wound from it.

Candar and Doug racing back to the glade at the first sound of combat, burst into the glade, in time to see Maxx fall. The two heroes fiercely attack but they too fall unconscious when they believe they have taken mortal wounds.

Lemmy, helpless in his new form, has no choice to hide, and hope that he can survive the encounter. Watching from his hiding place Lemmy see’s the very plants from the glade, animate, dragging our hero’s to the center of the glade, binding them tightly with the surrounding foliage. Over time the effects of the transformation wear off, and Lemmy cuts his new found friends free of their bindings, waking them.

Surprised and relived, to still be alive, our heroes quickly gather up their belonging, and what they could carry of their found riches, and leave the glade. Doug quickly scours the area and finds the tracks of Tom and Jerry leading in the direction of North Haven.

Desiding to return to their cart of supplies, the party gathers their donkeys and set out at a brisk pace. Arriving uneventfully back at their cart, the group retrieve their hidden stash of food and weapons, and go about making camp in hopes of a well needed nights rest.

As the sun began to set, our party once again find themselves in peral, Doug, spotting a lone wolf silently stalking on the outskirts of camp, raises the alarm. At this, a small pack of wolves, undoubtedly drawn by our heroes hidden food stuffs, bursts from the foliage, looking to make quick work of our wary heroes. Yet again put on the defensive, our heroes form up and defend against their attackers. The attack lasts only seconds, although wary, our heroes are up to the challenge. Without hesitation they dispatch the wolves, then continue to make camp with such practiced ease, one would think that a wolf attack was a common occurrence, and to our band of heroes, it had become just that.

Where it all began

Fueled by a three day drinking bender, our band of unlikely hero’s awaken deep in the forested area of Haven. Having set out to rid the surrounding area of the increasing Goblin menace, the players took out a sizable loan from a local coin lender to buy the needed supplies, and alcohol. Soon after setting out toward Haven Keep, the Goblin stronghold.

We first find our heroes as they awaken sober from their drunken escapades. Slowly the band puts together the events of the last three days, as they do, they realize that their two young wagon hands, and pack animal, have disappeared from camp. While attempting to track the boys the party are attacked by a small band of Goblins. Quickly dispatching them, the party turns their attention to tracking the boys.

Clearing his head by putting together a mild narcotic derived from the local fauna, xxx the bands ranger, finds the tracks of what seems to be a humanoid plant. Following the tracks altamitly proves to be useless, as the tracks disappear into the base of a large tree.

After quickly hiding their supplies, the party sets out tracking the boys and their missing donkey. Making good time but after several uneventful hours, the party finaly catches up to their quary. Standing not far from a small clearing, the party sees one of the boys, Tom, who quickly motions for the group to be quiet and keep from sight of the clearing.

Cautions of the potential danger, Douggoa and Maxwell the party Monk, silently creep forward to where the boy is crouched behind a tree. As they look into the clearing they see the other missing boy, Jerry, calmly tending the plants and flowers within the clearing.

Sensing that someone, or something is watching them, Maxwell moves off to investigate, noticing un-natural movement in the tree canopy not faraway. Acting on a hunch, Maxwell throws a rock hitting an invisible tree sprite, knocking it to its death, after quickly scanning the area for another threats, Maxwell stealthily moved back toward Dugg.

After observing the clearing for a short period, they soon realize that there is another creature, one that could only be described as a humanoid plant, blending perfectly into the surrounding foliage.

Acting quickly, Maxwell charged into the clearing to confront the plant creature, putting himself between it and Jerry. Hearing the commotion the parties paladin, Candar bursts into the clearing throwing a javelin at the creature.

The combat quickly was resolved in the Hero’s favor. Taking time to search for spoils of their victory, the party soon emassed a small pile of riches found threw out the glade.

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