Monster hunters

Just another day

The night strangely uneventful, our hero’s set out once again, toward Haven’s Keep.

Moving swiftly and easily threw his home terrain, Doug finds himself separated from his companions while scouting ahead. Undaunted, and sure of his ability’s he slows his pace, but presses on. The day continues on without incident, until Doug makes out the shrilling of a large number of birds in the distance. Moving silently toward the sounds, Doug sees dozens, if not hundreds of birds, on the ground and in the air, devouring an unrecognizable carcass

Although the number of birds is somewhat odd, their behavior is not, so, Doug backs away slowly thinking to leave without disturbing the feeding animals. As he does so, a misplaced step, causing the slightest of sounds, causes a handful of birds as one to turn his way. Thinking to speed to be the better course, now that he has been seen, Doug breaks out into a full run. As the handful of birds break off from their feeding, Doug quickly realizes that the birds will out pace him, and without the aid of his friend he would have to fend off his attackers alone.

With that, Doug fires a single arrow into the black cloud following him, then drops low and draws his sword. As his attackers wash over him pecking and scratching, Doug lashed out, swing after swing, trying to hit something of substance, but it seamed the cloud of birds was more air, than substance and his attacks were doing little to cause harm to the swarm, But the swarm too was having trouble finding flesh threw Dougs deference, and with all the beaks and all the claws, Doug took few injuries.

So back and forth they went, Doug swinging with wild abandon, more than with any type of skill, and the birds furiously diving and attacking Doug, the cloud slowly thinned. With Doug’s final flailing swing the last of his attackers fall dead to the ground. Quietly berating himself for separating himself so far from his ally, Doug notices on the dead crows, what seems to be some sort of mold, or fungus growing around the eye’s, and ears of the animal. With this Doug starts to back track to find his friends.

As the party rolls along a path in the general direction of Haven Keep, they come to realize that they had not seen their scout for quite some time. Amusing the ranger knows his trade well and that he would return to them should he encounter any danger, the party continued south ward without much concern. As such, each was somewhat surprised when their ally suddenly burst from the shrubbery in front of them covered in blood and dozens of tiny cuts and scrapes. Readying for combat, first because of the surprise, then because of their ally’s wounds, the party quickly stealth their weapons and tend to their allys wounds as Doug lays out the story of his encounter with the crows, pointedly leaving out the details of how he foolishly wandered to far ahead, and how his combat resembled more flailing wildly then any kind of martial porawis.

Collectively deciding that, although the birds actions, and the fungal growth on them, were strange occurrences, they were not important to the task at hand, and they adjusted their rout to take them around where the birds had been sighted.

So with Doug taking the opportunity to rest in the back of the wagon, after finding some herbs to settle his nerves, the party again heads out along their altered path toward Havens Keep. Hours pass by uneventful until a chance hearing of what seem to be the Goblin tongue is heard in the distance. Leaving the cart and donkey the party moves off silently to investigate. Although the ranger voiced concerns about Candar’s ability to move quietly in his heavy armor, he ultimately had to con-seed the point when he lost track of the heavly armored Paladin, who move so quietly and stealthily threw the underbrush toward the sound goblin speak.

The party follow the sounds some distance, to a cave in an out cropping of rocks, and stop on the out skirts of a semi clearing in front of it. Waiting, as the sounds grew closer our group of hero’s were some what surprised when two wolves, clad in fine iron barding came laboring out of the cave. Each one tied to a line, dragging a large sack, that writhed and wriggled as it was pulled out of the cave, followed by two Goblins in fine plate male armor.

As one of the Goblins draws his great sword and drives it down upon the sack, that the wolves were dragging, so too Candar throws a readied javelin, taking the Goblin hard in the side. With suppressing speed the two Goblins race toward the wolves cutting them free of the sack, leaping on their backs, and charging toward our hero’s. Intercepting one rider, Maxwell burst from his hiding place landing a series of deviating blows against one of the wolves, then fell back into a defensive posture as he was quickly hard press by the charge of the second Goblin rider.

Meandering from the far side of the clearing Lemmy makes some off handed disparaging remarks about the sexual orientation of one of the Goblin riders mother, and to everyone’s dismay, the Goblin seemly takes them to heart, as his shoulders slump forward and this attacks seem to lack focus. With the attackers occupied by the more martial oriented in the group, Lemmy takes the opportunity to cut open the sack the wolves were dragging, setting free what looked to be a humanoid mushroom. Covering its eyes, disoriented the mushroom creacher stumbled toward the heart of the combat. Coming to its senses and realizing the danger it was it, it defensively released a cloud of spore’s and ran toward the safety of the cave.

Toppling one rider to the ground, killing his mount, the party focuses all its attention on the downed rider. Under a flurry of fists, sword slashes and arrows, the fallen rider doesn’t even get the chance to mount a defense. With the brief reprieve the still mounted Goblin takes the opportunity to drink a potion, healing some of its wounds, and maneuvers its self to defend his companion. As it comes closer the mounted rider sees his comrade has fallen, yelling a curse about the plague our hero’s have just helped release upon the world, breaks combat and charged toward the safety of the forest, at top speed.

The immediate threats neutralized, our party of hero’s move toward the curiosity that is the mushroom creature. Cowering just inside the entrance to the cave, our party finds that it is able to communicate mentally with the creature, and with each other. After a brief conversation with the timid creature, our hero’s find out that the Goblins have been methoticly hunting down his kind, exterminating them.

After their conversation, the party collects their cart, and donkey, and continues toward Haven Keep.



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