Monster hunters

No time to Dally

Finding small bits and pieces of valuables scattered threw out the glade, we find our hero’s distracted by the prospect of riches. As such, were caught by surprise by a retaliating group of sprites.

Regrouping quickly our band of heroes easily gained the upper hand driving off the attackers. Drawn to the sound of the combat, a traveling minstrel joined the fray to lend a hand, although his help was ultimately not needed, our heroes welcomed him to travel with them.

With no immediate dangers apparent, the band went about binding their wounds and recovering lost weapons, and ammunition. Once again distracted, our heroes are again attacked by the persistent sprites.

This time time the combat does not go well for our friends. Max and Lemmy find themselves alone in the glade facing there unseen attackers, when suddenly, sprouting violently from the ground, what can only be described as a humanoid tree, begins ruthlessly attacking. Lemmy, knowing this knew attacker to be nothing more than a trick of the mind, continues to dispatch the sprites from the trees, but falls prey to their magic’s and is transformed into a rabbit. Max fights bravely against the animated creature, but ultimately falls unconscious when he believes he has taken a mortal wound from it.

Candar and Doug racing back to the glade at the first sound of combat, burst into the glade, in time to see Maxx fall. The two heroes fiercely attack but they too fall unconscious when they believe they have taken mortal wounds.

Lemmy, helpless in his new form, has no choice to hide, and hope that he can survive the encounter. Watching from his hiding place Lemmy see’s the very plants from the glade, animate, dragging our hero’s to the center of the glade, binding them tightly with the surrounding foliage. Over time the effects of the transformation wear off, and Lemmy cuts his new found friends free of their bindings, waking them.

Surprised and relived, to still be alive, our heroes quickly gather up their belonging, and what they could carry of their found riches, and leave the glade. Doug quickly scours the area and finds the tracks of Tom and Jerry leading in the direction of North Haven.

Desiding to return to their cart of supplies, the party gathers their donkeys and set out at a brisk pace. Arriving uneventfully back at their cart, the group retrieve their hidden stash of food and weapons, and go about making camp in hopes of a well needed nights rest.

As the sun began to set, our party once again find themselves in peral, Doug, spotting a lone wolf silently stalking on the outskirts of camp, raises the alarm. At this, a small pack of wolves, undoubtedly drawn by our heroes hidden food stuffs, bursts from the foliage, looking to make quick work of our wary heroes. Yet again put on the defensive, our heroes form up and defend against their attackers. The attack lasts only seconds, although wary, our heroes are up to the challenge. Without hesitation they dispatch the wolves, then continue to make camp with such practiced ease, one would think that a wolf attack was a common occurrence, and to our band of heroes, it had become just that.



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