Monster hunters


As our party of heroes continues toward the abandoned sight of Haven keep, Doug realizes they are not alone. As he begins to circle around the party, looking for what his instincts tells him is there, a small lone figure riding a large wolf can be seen behind them. As it approaches, it is apparent that the rider means our party no harm, as it doesn’t take long for the eagle eyed scout to recognize the escaped Goblin they encountered earlier, as well as they one they had killed laying across the saddle. The party stops and waits as the goblin rider approaches.

The goblin rider introduces himself in strangely perfect common as Kabab Foulskull, personal friend to the now diseased prince of the Haven Keep Gobin tribe. He goes onto tell you that the seemingly harmless Mushroom people, known as Myconid, that our heroes had just defended, are actually a surge on the land, one that his tribe has fought to keep in check for generations. Furthermore goes on to tell the party that they are now infected with spores, the means in which the Myconid reproduce, choking the life out of and replacing with a fungal copy.

After a lengthy discussion about how the Myconid sococal structure works, where they would be able to find the colony that had infected our heroes, and the best ways to kill the Myconid, Kabab continued onto Haven Keep, in hopes of being able to raise his dead prince. Thus leaving our heroes with the choice of ignoring him, and possibly having their spore infection turn them into a mushroom hybrids, never remembering who they are, or to hunt down the maytrin of the colony, kill it and thus release our heros from there fungusy fate.

After a short debate our heroes deside they don`t want to be fungus people and set out to find the materin and destroy it. Following directions given by Kabab, and with Doug tracking the path Kabab and the prince left when dragging the Mycondid out of the underdark, the party makes good time finding the colony. Seemingly in the right place, as they discover worked stone at first covered in, them seemingly infected by fungal spores, the party of heroes begin searching the area for any sign of the Mycondid maytrin. Deftly navigating pasts traps and pitfalls our heroes make there way deeper into the Mycondid layer, twisting and truning around countless corrodors to come to a room with a small lone humanoid standing in a corner with it back to the party. Seeing that the creature had been infected with spores so much so that even the clothing and equipment he wore showed signs of infection they cautausesly prepaired to defend themselves.

The heroes quickly realised that they could comunicate with the creature telipathicaly, reinforceing the idea that they were in the right place. Although the creature was no longer sentiant in any way recongniseable to our heroes, they were able to comunicate that they were looking for the Maytrin, and the creature quickly walked out of the room. Following, our heroes watched as the creater walked a short distance to another room that was inindated with funal spores, with large mushroom growing all around the room and a huge mass of fungus against one corner. As the heroes watched, the fungal creature walked, with out hesitation, right into the mass of fungus in the corner of the room and was seamlessly engulfed by it.

Our heroes set themselves for combat with what they assume is the Maytrin holding their fungal curse and lashed out looking to end the confrontation quickly and diffinitivly. The party fell into thier rolls instritivly, Doug raining arrows onto the mass, and narrowly avioiding disaster as the large mushrooms began to explod. (Lemmy) was not so lucky taking the brunt of the explosions but continueing to support his team mates while demoralizing their attackers. (Candar) waided fearlesslely threw the caous right up to the giant mass, keeping it attention as it reigined blow after blow down on him. All the while (MaX) repeatededly landed prercise and deveistating hits against it quickly bringing it down.

After the combat had ended the party sifts threw the muck to find an infected great sword that had taken on some of the benificial proberties of the fungal infection. Although the blade edge had become blunted it had become signifigantly lighter and able to be weilded one handed. (Candar) claimed the weapon and after a short rest where the paladin was able to cure the part of their ailment they again moved threw the labrinth.

After a search of the surrounding area our heroes find that there is very little that hasnt sucummed to the fungal infection, with the notable exception of what seems to be a chest or locker. Although covered with spore growth the chest seemed to resist the infection enough to have protected its contents. Most noteably a flying broom, amungst several potions (forget what was given)

Satisfyed that the area is clear of any Mycondid presents, our heroes make their way back to the seurfus.



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