Monster hunters

Where it all began

Fueled by a three day drinking bender, our band of unlikely hero’s awaken deep in the forested area of Haven. Having set out to rid the surrounding area of the increasing Goblin menace, the players took out a sizable loan from a local coin lender to buy the needed supplies, and alcohol. Soon after setting out toward Haven Keep, the Goblin stronghold.

We first find our heroes as they awaken sober from their drunken escapades. Slowly the band puts together the events of the last three days, as they do, they realize that their two young wagon hands, and pack animal, have disappeared from camp. While attempting to track the boys the party are attacked by a small band of Goblins. Quickly dispatching them, the party turns their attention to tracking the boys.

Clearing his head by putting together a mild narcotic derived from the local fauna, xxx the bands ranger, finds the tracks of what seems to be a humanoid plant. Following the tracks altamitly proves to be useless, as the tracks disappear into the base of a large tree.

After quickly hiding their supplies, the party sets out tracking the boys and their missing donkey. Making good time but after several uneventful hours, the party finaly catches up to their quary. Standing not far from a small clearing, the party sees one of the boys, Tom, who quickly motions for the group to be quiet and keep from sight of the clearing.

Cautions of the potential danger, Douggoa and Maxwell the party Monk, silently creep forward to where the boy is crouched behind a tree. As they look into the clearing they see the other missing boy, Jerry, calmly tending the plants and flowers within the clearing.

Sensing that someone, or something is watching them, Maxwell moves off to investigate, noticing un-natural movement in the tree canopy not faraway. Acting on a hunch, Maxwell throws a rock hitting an invisible tree sprite, knocking it to its death, after quickly scanning the area for another threats, Maxwell stealthily moved back toward Dugg.

After observing the clearing for a short period, they soon realize that there is another creature, one that could only be described as a humanoid plant, blending perfectly into the surrounding foliage.

Acting quickly, Maxwell charged into the clearing to confront the plant creature, putting himself between it and Jerry. Hearing the commotion the parties paladin, Candar bursts into the clearing throwing a javelin at the creature.

The combat quickly was resolved in the Hero’s favor. Taking time to search for spoils of their victory, the party soon emassed a small pile of riches found threw out the glade.



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